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Settee Sofa


Choosing a new sofa for a room is never easy, especially if you’ve just moved in to a new home. There are many different styles of sofa to choose from, but only few of these styles are actually available in most stores. Worst, you can spend the entire day at the store looking for the perfect set but bring home nothing.

So, how about a look at a settee sofa? That can be a great addition to your selection. 

A settee sofa is a sofa that you’ll most likely see when you visit the United Kingdom. It was made famous by royals of UK in the mid 17th century and their beauty has come to survive until the present days.

A settee sofa has a long seat that resembles both a sofa and a bench, and is made especially for sitting rather than for reclining. It is typically upholstered and has arms on each side, and usually has a high back. Adding the piece to your home can bring to you the air of England’s royalty.

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If you’re convinced that settee sofas are all you need for your place, then you should start searching for the right one for your home. The first thing that you need to remember when purchasing settee sofas is to check and measure the space you have to accommodate your sofa. You don’t want to have a cramped room or an empty space.

Another crucial element that you need to check when getting your sofa is room decoration. There are many kinds of settee sofas, ranging from old English design to more modern chic designs.


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Depending on the kind of room you want, you will have to choose a matching sofa. Add the room’s color scheme to that, and decide on whether you want matching colors or contrasting colors. If you’re not sure, you can also have a professional interior designer help you pick. 


When you’re looking at settee sofas, they can come with matching pillows, even though they are upholstered. A sofa that goes with pillows is already a bonus. If you want to have more pillows than what is provided, then you can have some pillows tailored to match the sofa’s design. You can also make a settee sofa look very decorative with beautiful pillow cases.  


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It is also important to know what kind of pillow filling you will use. Foam is an inexpensive and easy filling, but they are not as soft as pillows with down filling. Down filling is made from feathers and is more expensive, but is soft and comfy. One luxurious yet more affordable option is to have foam filling wrapped in down pads.


The arms and legs of the settee sofas are two very important factors as well. You need to know what color and style you’d like the arms to be, as well as the finish. And as for the legs, you can decide to have them covered with tassels or to have them bare. A more royal look of a settee sofa comes with a single arm carved along with a high back and decorated with elegant Victorian designs. 


Online retailers are good options when opting for a wide selection of settee sofas. However, if you have made your purchase, always bare in mind that these are large merchandises that can go with high shipping rates. Here’s a tip, look for reliable online sellers that offer free shipping of items.  



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